IZUMI Japanese TakeAway Shop

On the hectic Saturdays with shopping, laundry and cleaning, you just want to grab something quickly but not interested in dried out sandwich?

I was in that mood and popped in IZUMI Japanaese TakeAway Shop for a quick lunch.
Previously, I did try TERIYAKI CHICKEN on rice and TERIYAKI CHICKEN sushi there. Oh in the meantime, Sushi roll is just one method with Sushi rice (=sweet and sour rice) and unfortunately you can't find it in Japan with TERIYAKI chicken. I am not sure if it's an invention in the USA or Australia.

Back to IZUMI.
Yes, I tried Sushi rolls and Teriyaki Chicken before, both of which I found mediocre. But after eating already salty chicken with sweet and salty (again) sauce, I felt like I had salt for a week and kept drinking water at home. Seafood okonomiyaki is way too expensive having a price tag of 11.80 for just a pancake with some tiny chunks of squid and prawn.
So, I haven't been to IZUMI for quite a while.

Today, I just wanted to try RAMEN, Japanese egg noodle soup, because it seems to be a "signature dish" of this shop, advertising it with a large sign in front.
I am absolutely fanatic about noodle, especially Ramen. So, when I found my Pork Ramen ($13.80) in front of me, I realised that I had made a biiiig mistake.

Seeing $8.50 price tag for Plain Ramen, this Pork Ramen should have had something more, and it had, a generous amount of seaweed (enough for a huge aquarium), a half of hard-boiled egg, chopped spring onion and 4 very thin slices of pork. Definitely not authentic Japanese pork but probably rather coocked with Chinese method like a TakeAway, three shops away along the same street.

The noodle itself was unfortunately overcooked. It was soggy and still with a taste of raw flour around it (egg noodle is usually sold flourly at shops, not to be glued together). And its soup.....there are three major soup flavours in Japan, soy sauce, soy paste (miso) and Tonkotsu (pork bone stock). The Pork Ramen was with this Tonkotsu flavour, having whitish soup. When I tasted it, I immediately remember the instant noodle called "Nisshin Demae Iccho" which you can buy for $0.80 at Cales nearby. Both of them without any depth, but here you pay $13.00 more.

I'd prefer going to Coles, then make my 80-cent instant Tonkotsu noodle with Japanese style slow cooked pork in Soy sauce mixture.

I don't have a photo for this entry, as I forgot to bring my camera. Click the Urban Spoon banner below and check other people's photos and comments.

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I love eating out in Perth and mumbling anything good or bad about what I tasted. So, instead of annoying my poor friends at table, why don't I write them here quietly? All my photos were taken with Nikon D3100 or with iPhone. Yeah, I know I am still learning how to use my lense correctly!

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